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Meet the Maker - Back Pocket Provisions

Meet Back Pocket Provisions

Co-founded by siblings Will Gray and Jennifer Beckman, Back Pocket Provisions specializes in small batch Bloody Mary mixes sourced from tomatoes grown by local farmers. According to their mission, they are a social enterprise committed to more than just making a profit from their products. A major focus of their business model and mission is to support small farms in order to maintain what they call the “foundation of a food system that supports healthy communities, economies, and environments”. Integral to their business model is actively trying to combat the corporate and industrial food systems that are making it more difficult for small and local farmers and companies to survive. They carry out their mission by directly supporting local farmers by using their harvests and partnering with other like-minded businesses to create a collaborative force that propels the local food movement.  Everything they do is centered around their four core company values: inner beauty, food culture, radical transparency, and creative collaboration.

Since the challenging changes brought on by COVID-19, the company has initiated an uplifting social media campaign to give away a $25 gift certificate to a local business every week. This both helps support other local makers, movers, and shakers, and shows their genuine interest in their followers’ well being and spirit. Their #25aweek campaign was initiated by Will in an effort to keep followers and supporters connected, engaged, and able to continue supporting their favorite local business, organizations, and restaurants. In crazy and unprecedented times like these, we need more initiatives such as this to keep us connected and engaged with local businesses. It is inspiring to see the way local and small businesses have gone above and beyond to support, stimulate, and uplift each other when the going gets tough.

As of now, Back Pocket Provisions offers three mixes that every Bloody Mary fan will go nuts for. We carry their Bloody Brilliant mix that pulls from the classic Bloody Mary flavors of horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, and cayenne pepper. Other tantalizingly inventive flavors they offer are Bloody Baja, inspired by the Southwest flavors of sweet corn, jalapeno peppers, garlic, and finished off with some smoked spices, and Bloody Bangkok, infused with Southeastern Asian flavors of red curry, lemongrass, and fish sauce. Available at select markets, their Bloody Blue Ridge mix is available for pick up and features a blend of sweet, spicy, and umami flavors. Their never ending search for symbiotic collaborations continues with the exciting news of Caiam, the especially juicy heirloom variety being grown for the company by Old Tavern Farms, located outside of Richmond. For some, making a Bloody Mary can seem daunting and complicated, even with a mix as superb as this one. To encourage more people to try these fantastic drinks and to help adventurous drinkers on their Bloody Mary journeys, they’ve created an extensive Recipes page that can be found here

We’ve been lucky enough to get to know more about this company and its farms as we’ve carried their classic mix as an individual product in our build your own box option, and as a product we frequently use to build our pre designed boxes around. One of our most popular featured gifts is our Real Local RVA Box which includes a 16oz bottle of Bloody Brilliant Bloody Mary Mix, 12 oz of Blanchard’s RVA Exclusive Blend Coffee Ground, two Gratisfied Empower Bars, Lilybean Gooey Blondie Mix from Pastrybase, Agriblend Jam from Agriberry Farm, AR’s Ame’s Hot Southern Honey, and a diner mug from Perk! Coffee and Lunchbox. Real Local RVA is a grassroots group of independent, small grocery stores, farmers, farmer’s markets, value added producers, restaurants, and supporters working to build a more collaborative local food system. Every company whose products are featured in this box are members of Real Local RVA and we donate $7 to Real Local RVA for every one of these boxes purchased.


As the reality of quarantine set in, Gifted wanted to create gift boxes that would bring some normalcy and routine back to our customers’ lives. When we realized how many small restaurants were going to have to close or adjust production, we responded with the invention of  The Brunch Box. The first thing we included in this box was the Bloody Brilliant Bloody Mary mix and built everything else in the box to compliment a comforting and refreshing Bloody Mary. This box almost immediately sold out and we are in the process of re-inventing it to make it even more mouthwatering and tempting. We also realized that snacking is one of the few remaining comforts of these quarantimes, so we pulled together some of our favorite snacks and paired them with the Bloody Mary mix to create our Cabin Fever Snack Pack, which also includes snickerdoodle popcorn from Lammar Marie Gourmet Popcorn, a chocolate bar and salt and pepper dark chocolate almonds from Chocolate by Kelly, Virginia Peanuts from Feridies, and cheese straws from Three Sisters. We are excited to be continuing our creative box creations with our newest box inventions: the Bloody Mary Box (coming soon!). These boxes will be announced in the next few weeks and will feature, of course, our favorite Bloody Mary mix by Back Pocket Provisions.  


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