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Hot Southern Honey - The Original AR's


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AR's Hot Southern Honey

Hot - Drizzle this unique blend of southern honey and red chilies on not only fried chicken but yogurt, vegetables, sliced apples and bananas, cheese, pizza, ice cream and more. Add it to marinade for chicken, pork or beef. Whisk into dressings, sauces and cocktails

Mild - Use as a flavorful accompaniment to fried chicken, cheese and crackers, and as a glaze on grilled salmon, pork tenderloin, roasted vegetables like Brussel sprouts and carrots, and chicken wings! Also terrific in marinades or drizzled on yogurt, ice cream and pizza.


Where It's Made

Ames Farms' beehives have been producing single source raw honey for their delicious honey products since 1994. They have 450 bee hives in 20 bee yards spread over central and southern Minnesota.

Packaged and sold in Richmond, VA