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Guide for Making a Themed Gift or Care Package

A Step by Step Guide to Building a Care Package

We have been getting so many build you own box orders and are loving the care packages people are putting together for those they can’t be with right now. A lot can happen in these months we may be separated. People are having babies, getting pregnant, buying houses, getting jobs, dealing with grief in many forms, getting engaged, getting married, and holidays are breezing by. When the world isn’t dealing with a pandemic, we would celebrate in the normal way: together. However, we are having to shift our reality and adjust in order to come up with creative ways to be together and commemorate life’s milestones. We can help you there. Sending a care package to someone is always a special thought but these gestures are more important now than ever before! We took some ideas from our best source, our customers, and then played around with some of our favorite products and came up with a guide for how to create the perfect care package for whatever occasion or just because! After you read our guide, visit our build your own box page to start crafting the perfect box!

Getting Started: 

First of all, think about the person or people you’re sending it to and write down a couple things about them. Do they like to cook? Do they drink coffee or tea? Do you they like to treat themselves with spa days? How is their house decorated? What kind of a snacker are they (salty, sweet, crunchy, savory)? Next, think about the reason you are sending this care package. What occasion is it for or is it a random gift to show them you think they’re pretty neat? Now, combine all that brainstorming and think of something to write in a card. Often, once we collect our thoughts and write a note to someone it can help us pick the perfect items to go in a gift.

Item 1: A Card

You’ve already done the hard part by doing your homework and brainstorming. Pick a card that fits the occasion or reason you’re sending the care package and tell us what to write in it. This will be the first thing they open and can make all the difference!

 Shop for a card for every occasion here. We have a card for just about anything you could imagine: a breakup, a celebration, a promotion, girl power, new house, an IOU, and more!



Item 2: A Snack (or two… or three)

Food is always the answer. Period. We send food when someone is pregnant because, cravings. We send food when someone is grieving because its fuel for the soul and heart. We send food when someone’s just moved into a new house because their pantry needs stocking. And we send food for all the other occasions because we’re human and eating is what we do best. Here are a few of our suggestions or take a look at our food and beverage page.

For someone who likes working out and eating super healthy, they will love the powerful and filling Empower Bar by Gratisfied. Any crunchy muncher will be in love with the Rosemary and Parmesan Crackers from Must Have Munchies. The cheese lovers will adore theses Cheese Straws from Three Sisters.

Chips and salsa are a pretty safe snack to send to anyone for just about any reason! These Tortilla Chips from Capital Chips and Crab Salsa from Gunther's are just the ticket.


(If you're looking for a gift box that's all snacks, we have three pre-designed boxes and care packages all ready to be shipped: Shareable Snacks, Real Local RVA, and the Cabin Fever Snack Pack.)

Item 3: Something to drink, a drink mixer, or something add to a drink

Keeping with the theme “we are all human” and sticking to the basics, we also need to drink. Most people are just better after a cup of coffee, an afternoon tea, or a brunch bloody mary. We know you have a friend who thinks they are a 1920s bar tender so make sure to include something like our sugar cubes, perfect for an old fashioned or a spritzer!

If your gift is for a bruncher, this Bloody Brilliant Bloody Mary Mix is a must from Back Pocket Provisions. Any coffee addict will appreciate this RVA Blend 12 oz package of coffee beans from Blanchard's. If you don't know if they have a grinder, you can check out the Firethorne Blend grounds from Legacy Coffee. If your recipient is a tea lover, we have a few options brought to you by Miss Priss Tea Co.

Some people really love some drink add-ins like these versatile sugar cubes from Storied GoodsWith flavors like coffee, whiskey, and rose petal, no drink will ever be the same! Honey is a staple and Ame's hot spin on an ancient classic is just what your gift box needs. 


For the person in your life who just really loves coffee, we have the Coffee Date Box and the Mini Coffee boxes already designed for your convenience!

Item 4: Treat Yoself Item

Literally everyone like a good at-home spa session. Or at least, we all enjoy a little self care. Whether you’re sending it to your best buy friend who just got broken up with or your 80 year old grandma, we promise they’ll love our relax bath bomb or deep space soap. This item has endless possibilities but it should definitely be something that will make them feel cared for. To look at all our spa products go to our website

A solid go-to for spa gifts are soaps, try the lavender or lemon and eucalyptus soaps from Sun Soaps. Freckled Farm has the most incredible soaps with activated charcoal, lavender, and tea tree Deep Space Soap or their coffee scent. Anybody would love to get some lavender sugar and salt bath salts or scrub from Cricket Cove Soap Co. If you really want to wow your giftee, send them this serum trio from Maven Made to transform their home-spa treatment. 

This item can also be a product that goes along with why you’re sending the care package in the first place; if they are an expectant mother, they would love our belly balm from The Mindful Birth, and if they are someone who needs help keeping the essentials stocked during these weird times, send them some lavender laundry soap from Freckled Farm Soap Co. or some home energy clearing spray.

Some of our most popular treat yoself gift boxes are our ChicMini ChicThe Hey Girl, and The Love Lavender boxes.

Item 5: Something Enduring

Items like food and soaps are staples in any well-crafted gift box but they don’t last forever. You want to include something in your gift box that will remind them of what a kick-ass person you are for sending them an incredible care package long after they've scarfed down the last of their peanuts. You want to include something like our River City coffee mug from local maker, Guy Piper, or one of our swig tumblers from Swig Life. This could also come in the form of a household item like one of our Turkish Towels from Let's Talk Towels or a Carrot Mixing Spoon handmade by Kilpley Herr. Other ideas are things they may use everyday or for a special occasion like a Richmond Keychain from The Grateful Heart Shop or a Rose Quartz Necklace made by The Raw Aura. To see all products we have click here. Think of the smile it will put on their faces every time they use or put on this item.

If these products are really speakin to you check out some boxes that we've designed full of these items. Some customer favorites are the Quarantine home Kit and The Work From Home box. To read more about these last two and more, you can read our last blog post, Gifts to Send in these Quarantimes.

Item 6 et al: Themed Item(s)

This last item or items should go along with the occasion you are sending the gift or care package for. If it is a "Just Because" box, feel free to add another snack or spa item. You know the person(s) you're sending it to so you know what they'd enjoy. Otherwise, revisit your brainstorming and think about what would serve them best in whatever time or transition they are going through. We have a few suggestions for the most common and popular occasions people send care packages for. 

Expecting Mother or New Baby: Any new parent would love any of these products like this RVA All Day Onsie from Little Nomad, or either the washcloth teether or muslin bib from Allam House, or this handmade owie bag from Raising Green Kids. You can also check out our Baby Box which is full of all these goodies and more!

New House or a Move: Try including items like a bar towel from Swig Life, and air plant terrarium, or welcome them to Virginia with this cookie cutter. One of our favorite boxes to send someone who's just moved is our Brunch Box. Nothing like a brunch in your new kitchen to welcome you home!

Engagement: The busy couple is going to need some tools to help plan and celebrate. Try adding a To Do List from Wit and White, a pair of stemless reusable champagne flutes from Swig Life, or remind them of their love with this heart stone from The Raw Aura.

New Job: Anyone starting a new job or taking on a promotion will definitely need some pencils and list pad from Wit and White. The coffee suggestion speaks for itself! With their busy schedule, they may need a reusable and easily portable snack bag from Beego Handmade to keep them fueled. 

Mother's Day: Mother's Day is just around the corner. Prove you are the favorite child and your unfailing love to the number one lady in your life by putting together a stunning gift! Add in this tumbler from The Grateful Heart Shop,tea infuser from Miss Priss Tea Co, a delicious soy candle from Burn Down For What, and a sassy bar towel from Swig Life to create the ultimate Mother's Day gift.

In the end, whatever combination of items you select will be perfect because the intention behind sending a gift is to remind someone that there are people out there who care and love them. This guide has helped us create some of our pre-designed boxes and is a good jumping off place if you want to send the ultimate care package. It’s easy to assume that someone knows your love them and think about them but it’s so much better to go the extra mile and truly show them how much they are appreciated. Especially now that you’ve read this whole guide and are now a gift expert, you really owe it to yourself to put your newfound knowledge to the test. We can’t wait to see what you come up with! If you need more inspiration, visit our online store for gift ideas and boxes already made up!


Written by: Sydney Intolubbe Thomas

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