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Mother's Day Gifts for Every Woman in Your Life

There are a million reasons and ways to celebrate the person(s) in your life who have been a mother figure to you. Right now, a lot of us could use a good snuggle with our mom, a wine night with our closest aunt, or a dinner out with the mentor who feels like the mother you never had. But instead, what seems to be the most responsible and safest way to show our love is to send some goodies and treats as a reminder of your appreciation and as a promise to see them as soon as you can. We’ve created some Mother’s Day Gifts that fit all the personalities and roles of the women we will celebrate on May 10th this year. 

Sometimes, this holiday can feel like an obligation or can exclude those who don’t fit the expected “mom” role. We designed these gifts with every mom or mom figure in mind. The hope is that you can find a gift that will be appropriate and fitting for any birth mom, adoptive mom, step-mom, grandma, aunt, mentor, or best friend who you want to acknowledge on this day. This day should be inclusive, positive, and full of love so we put all of our good energy, thoughtful creativity, and love of gift making into crafting the perfect boxes for the perfect women.

In the spirit of being inclusive, this first box is designed to go to any woman who deserves some praise on May 10th. This gift isn't for the regular mom, it's for the Cool Mom. This is for the mom that makes mimosas on any day at any time and like a good gossip session. This box was also designed with that woman in your life who treats you and loves you like a mom but is really more of a best friend. There isn’t a holiday for the woman who supports you 100% but just happened to not have given birth to you; this gift is for them and we think they deserve some pampering.  Included in this box is our freaking favorite and adorable Champagne Flute and Bar Towel from Swig Life. For some sweetness, we included a four pack of Fleur de Sel Caramels from La Vache Creamery and some RVA Rock Candy from Zazoli Sweets. Also in this box is the incredibly versitile Reusable Snack Bag from Beego Handmade. We know she’s already cool, but seriously, this will totally up her game and swag score.


We took a page from the whole “treat yoself” movement and decided that yo mama deserves to be treated with some awesome products and delicious delicacies. Treat whatever woman you are celebrating on May 10th with this Treat Yo Mama Box designed to give her some spa items, sweet treats, and a little bling to wear on every Mother’s Day to come! We’ve included our top three best-selling spa items in this box: our Serum Trio Sampler from Maven Made, the Relax Bath Bomb from Cricket Cove Soap Co., and a Soy Candle from Burn Down for What. Also included in this box is a 70% Bittersweet Chocolate Bar from Chocolates by Kelly and a choice of rose petal, whiskey, or coffee sugar cubes from Storied Goods. And last, but not least, is a wicked cool Unakite Heart Stone from The Raw Aura. 

For the mother who is stylish, brunch making, and rose-gold loving, we’ve created The Rose Mom box. Designed for the woman in your life that isn't afraid of shining, has a lot of sass, and loves the rosy things in life. This would be perfect for the “cool aunt” or the mentor who got you through your dissertation. This box was first inspired by some sweet new products from Swig Life. This Stemless Champagne Flute and Bar Towel are the perfect pairing for your rose-loving mom to show off.  Next, is a Mini Soy Candle from Burn Down For What. No rose-themed box would be complete without some real roses so we threw in some Rose Petal Sugar Cubes from Storied Goods that will really dress up whatever sparkling concoction she wants to throw in her snazzy new champagne flute! To flaunt at all the events to come, is a choice of a Rose Quartz Necklace from The Raw Aura or a Mountain or Butterfly necklace from Gypsy Stars RVA.

Working Mom
really needs no introduction. This is simply for the bad-ass boss woman in your life who gets the job done and needs some new swag to do so with. This box was designed with a person who needs a little caffeine lift and some sassy new organization supplies. We know all moms work hard in all areas of their lives so we designed this box to help you show them you notice and appreciate all they do. 
This box is the only Mother’s Day box we put together that has our totally fabulous “Richmond is my Happy Place” Tumbler from The Grateful Heart Shop. Next, we included a couple office supplies because we know there could never be enough notepads for all the lists one needs to make. Anyone would love the witty “sharper than your average” Pencil Set and Notepad from Wit and White. And finally, for the caffeine boost that will never not be needed by any busy woman, this box includes a four pack of Double Espresso Caramels from La Vache Creamery and a two oz. bag of ground Firethorne Coffee Blend from Legacy Coffee. 

Nobody in their right mind would ever say no to a spa day... especially one that included all the treatments and soothing products our Spa Mom Box is composed of. To set the tone for your lady’s spa experience you get to choose either The Buff and Puff (basil, sage, and mint) or The Welcome Mat (Ginger Verbena and French Vanilla) Soy Candle from Burn Down for What. When you say spa day, we immediately think of lavender. Therefore, we stuffed this box with all of our favorite lavender products: Lavender Soap from Sun Soap Co., a Relax Bath Bomb from Cricket Cove Soap Co., and your choice of either the bath salts or scrub of Cricket Cove Soap Co.’s Lavender Salts Scrub. But we didn’t stop there! Your special lady will also receive the Serum Trio Sampler from Maven Made to really finish off what we promise to be the most relaxing and rejuvenating home-spa day of her life!


Mother’s Day is unique because there are so many kinds of moms that can be commemorated on this day! When putting together our Tea With Mom box, we especially had grandmas and aunts in mind. Who doesn’t love a proper afternoon tea with grandma? But we’ve taken tea time to the next level and given it some style and pizzazz. Obviously, we needed to include some tea in this box so we put in a whole Tea Tin of 12 tea bags from Miss Priss Tea Co. The blend name even fits: Mom’s Magic is a blend of lemon verbena, peppermint, lemongrass, and grapefruit peel. 



If we were to play a game of word association for tea, we would immediately think of jam and cookies, which is why we've included some Agriblend Jam from Agriberry Farms and some Wrapped Shortbread Buttons  from Savannah Grace from Integrity Food Group with wrapping paper from Riot + Revel! In case you spill something or just want to be super chic, we put in a lovely Tea Towel from Swig Life that appropriately says "My Squad Calls Me Mama". And finally, we’ve put our River City Mug designed and made by Guy Piper. 

If none of these boxes float your boat, some of our classic and popular boxes would also be amazing for this occasion, especially our Chic, Love Lavender, Shareable Snacks, or the Baby Box for new and expecting mothers! As always, we love seeing your creative build your own gifts so let your knowledge of your lady guide you into making the perfect gift for the woman who deserves all the love on May 10th and every other day. 

From all of us here at Gifted RVA, we hope everyone has a happy, safe, and fabulous Mother’s Day and we are grateful to have the privilege of helping everyone show the women who have raised us some love and admiration.







Written by: Sydney Intolubbe Thomas

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