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Meet the Maker - The Mindful Birth

Meet The Mindful Birth
Meet Hunter, one of the Doula's and makers of The Mindful Birth. Hunter was drawn to become a doula and start in birthwork as an answer to a personal call to start helping and supporting people in a truly meaningful way. She developed a deep desire to spend her time working closely with families in her community and apply her passions in a way that could really give something back. 


Belly balm, handmade lotion Pamper your prenatal and postpartum skin with Belly Balm's decadent blend of raw shea butter, organic coconut oil, raw cocoa butter, organic beeswax, organic jojoba oil, vitamin E oil & organic argan oil. This perfect blend helps keep skin moisturized and soft as the body goes through the changes of pregnancy. Helps reduce stretch marks and relieves itching. This balm is safe to use all over as a moisturizer and has a delicious cocoa scent just from the natural ingredients.


The Mindful Birth products are made by hand with love by a professional Birth Doula. 


These Lavender & Rosemary Rice Sacks are perfect for relief during pregnancy and labor but can really be used anytime! Filled with rice to hold temperature & weight, organic dried lavender & rosemary for a soft naturally relaxing scent.For heat simply pop in microwave for 1.5-2 minutes. For cool store in freezer. Made of 100% cotton fabrics with Velcro closure for removable & washable cover! 

You can find The Mindful Birth's Belly Balm and Lavender & Rosemary Rice Sack in our The New Mom Gift Box. We love supporting a small women owned business and helping The Mindful Birth spread support and empowerment for all those Mama's out there! One of the best qualities about these two products is Mom-to-be can use it before and after the birth. 

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