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Sugar Cubes

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Dress up your drink with these melting little moments of genuine joy from Storied Goods! Winner of the 2018 Made in Virginia Award, these sugar cubes are perfect for sweetening up your coffee, tea, lemonade or sparkling wine! 

ROSE PETAL: Ingredients: pure cane sugar, organic dried rose buds & petals, water.

Each tin contains 10 rose-petal-infused sugar cubes

COFFEE: Ingredients:  pure cane sugar, pure vanilla extract, cinnamon, cloves 

Each tin contains 10 coffee-infused sugar cubes.

WHISKEY: Ingredients: pure cane sugar, orange zest, tart cherry juice (filtered water, tart cherry juice concentrate).

Each tin contains 10 orange-zest-&-tart-cherry-infused sugar cubes.