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The Mini Love Lavender Box


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Designed with the true Lavender Lover in mind. The perfect gift for someone who needs some stress relief, self care or anyone that just loves lavender. 

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Lavender Soap - Sun Soaps - These handcrafted soap smell like sunshine. Sun Soaps offer a creamy lather that is mild and leaves your skin feeling smooth and soothed. Each bar is wrapped for protection so you can easily store it right out of the box. Created for everyday use. They produce a nice creamy lather and are lightly scented.

Made in Richmond, VA


Lavender Candle - Mara James - Relaxing, enchanting, and peaceful. This fragrance will bring balance to your thought while inviting a reflective and grounding experience. Note Profile: Top: Bergamot, Lemon Middle: Lavender Base: Cedar Our 9 oz candles are meant for small to medium-sized spaces like offices, dens, and bathrooms, best enjoyed on a dresser, counter, or coffee table 3" in diameter and 3.5" in height.

Made in Richmond, VA

Lavender + Coconut Short Bread Cookies - Café Warshafsky - The cool herbal quality of lavender is warmed by the sweet richness of coconut. It’s an unlikely match and it's incredibly delicious! Two 2" x 2" cookies per package heat sealed in a plastic bag with label. *Shelf life 1 month at room temperature. **Shortbread can be frozen for extended shelf life up to 3 months - thaw and consume within 1 month. Ingredients: wheat flour, butter, sugar, confectioners sugar, eggs, coconut, dried lavender flowers, salt. Contains wheat, egg and milk.

Made in Richmond, VA


Curated box by gifted RVA