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The Happy Doggo Box


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Your dog loving friend will love this box and so will their pup!

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Pet Treats - EcoKind Pet Treats - 1 packaged, all natural, single ingredient stick that will keep your pooch busy and happy for hours. These treats help keep teeth and gums healthy. Size: 6"

1 naturally-shed elk antler: all-natural dog treat for your dog and lasts for hours! Odor-free dog chew: no odor and little residue for your dog to enjoy in your home. Fantastic source of naturally calcium, phosphorous, manganese and zinc - great for tartar control.

Made in Richmond, VA

Bandana - Winthrop Clothing Co. - You can choose one hand made snap on bandana! All sizes are medium. Their dog bandanas feature snaps that secure the end ties in place.  Print choices are: Lemon Blossom, Rainbow Pride, or Sushi 

"Life is Short, Spoil Your Dog" Sticker - 2.8" x 2.3" high-quality vinyl sticker. - Ideal for indoor or outdoor use - Waterproof and water resistant

Made in Winthrop, VA

Freeze Dried Treats - S+J Canine Co. - Raw freeze dried treats keep about 95% of the nutritional value of the ingredients. Adding raw foods to dogs diets can promote healthier skin and luscious coats as well as increase energy levels. The raw treats we make are also fortified with Omega-3 fish oil which has been shown to be beneficial for dogs with allergies and other skin conditions. Choose between Pumpkin and beef flavors!

Made in Richmond, VA

Dog Leash- Sassy Woof- Show off your pup's style with this 'Cute AF' dog tag. Use this tag to your dress up your dog's harness or collar. - 2" length and 1" width - Gold accents

Choose between these two leashes:

"Sass on Point" Leash, featuring a Sassy Woof original design with cactus.

"50 shades of sass" is a solid grey leash with rose gold accents

These leashes are 60" in length and 0.8" in width & padded with neoprene handle for extra comfort for the humans. There is also a sturdy D-Ring at the base of the handle to hold waste bags, keys, etc.

Made in Sterling, VA

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