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The Sweet & Salty Box


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This snack box makes a great gift for 4 - 6 people to share….or one very happy snack lover.

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Tortilla Chips 3 oz Bites - Capital Chips - The only choice for those who love tortilla chips. Small batch, gluten free, extra crunchy!

Made in Midlothian, VA

Salsa Fresca- Gunther’s Gourmet This traditional salsa has a strikingly fresh aroma and well balanced flavor. With its mild heat, and outstanding flavor, this salsa satisfies everyone.

Made in Richmond, VA

Rosemary Truffle Biltong - Ayoba - Biltong is a South African recipe beef snack with exceptional flavor and a uniquely tender texture. We start with the finest quality cuts of Grass-Fed Beef that are marinated and seasoned with only a few natural spices, then air-dried for up fourteen days! The result is a tender slice of beef with a naturally explosive flavor. The drying process also leaves more of the muscle fibers intact, meaning Ayoba Biltong has more protein than jerky!

Made in Springfield, VA

Rosemary and Parmesan Crackers - Must Have Munchies - These button sized crackers are hard to put down. These handmade snacks are covered in parmesan and rosemary and

Made in Mechanicsville, VA

Chai Spiced Pecans - Gearharts - Gearharts Fine Chocolates, has been crafting distinctive artisan chocolates enjoyed by customers near and far since 2001 in Richmond and Charlottesville.  These Jumbo Georgia pecan halves are caramelized with exotic chai spices, dipped in dark chocolate and finished with a dusting of spiced cocoa.

Made in Richmond, VA

Snickerdoodle Popcorn  - Lammar Marie's Gourmet Popcorn - Lammar Marie's Gourmet Popcorn is a veteran owned family oriented shop based in Richmond VA. Lammar Marie's is owned by two best friends who consider themselves family. This snickerdoodle flavored popcorn is popped and hand made right in their store.

Made in Richmond, VA 

Small batch Caramels x2  - La Vach Microcreamery - Assorted Flavors- Espresso, Lavender + Honey, Fleur De Sel *gluten free*

Made in Richmond, VA 

Curated by gifted RVA