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Lollipop - A Secret Forest


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 A Secret Forest Lollipops

Each lolly is individually wrapped, branded, and tied with a satin ribbon.

Flavor Descriptions

Blackberry Basil. Blackberry flavored lollipops with organic blackberry slices and organic basil leaves and ribbons. They are absolutely delicious, vegan, and gluten free. 

Old Fashioned Bourbon. Bourbon flavored with a dash of natural orange oil and cherry extract. An organic orange peel, grated orange rind, and a few organic cherries are added into the lollies keeping in the grand tradition of the classic cocktail.

Orange. Classically fresh and zesty orange flavor stars in this citrusy treat. The sweetness of the hard candy balance out the tart of the orange.


Where It's Made

Venessa Beller is a maker of magical confections for her whimsical sweets business, A Secret Forest. Willy Wonka in glittery heals, Vanessa discovered her love of candy making in culinary school. She employs traditional hard candy techniques using sugar, water and light corn syrup, then adds her creative touch with novel ingredients ranging from dehydrated lychee to cacao nibs.  “Everybody says it’s too pretty to eat,” Beller says. “I say, ‘Treat yourself."

Richmond, VA