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Natural Deodorant - Bright Body


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 Natural Deodorant - Lavender & Rosemary

An effective and nourishing anti-stank formula made without baking soda and beeswax, the two most common reasons your pits are red from other natural deodorant alternatives. This Deodorant is made with shea butter, coconut oil, and vegan candelilla wax. And the anti-stank ingredients are garden-friendly diatomaceous earth and impurity-removing kaolin and bentonite clays. Arrowroot powder helps keep you drier for longer.


Where It's Made

Bright Body crafts nontoxic and zero waste products for hair, skin, and body. Made with ancient Ayurvedic herbalism and modern cosmetic chemistry. No bad science, no plastic waste. If you're a pro-science clean beauty lover who hates bad science and fear mongering just as much as you hate crappy ingredients, you're in the right place.

Richmond, VA