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Nursing Balm - North Oak Apothecary


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Nursing Balm w/ Vitamin E

This luscious blend of butters, oils and vitamins was created for all those special moms who are determined to do what is best for baby.  Very few moms get through this time without dryness, irritation or cracking on this sensitive area.  But, don’t sacrifice these beauties while nourishing your bundle of love.  Keep the experience as gentle and healthy as possible.

This balm will help maintain moisture and prevent cracking around the nipple.  Organic Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil are the base of this balm.  Includes Chamomile Powder as a very powerful anti-inflammatory agent (It helps with swelling and irritation).  Added Vitamin E, Aloe and Jojoba to help maintain tissue health.


Where It's Made

North Oak Apothecary dedicated to “Getting it Right”. They have formulated skin care for ALL skin types and done all that old research and blending for you already. Their products are created using superior, natural ingredients. When possible, they purchase from Fair Trade organizations contributing to better pay and working conditions.

King George, VA