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Lip Balm - Bon Air Soap Co.


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Bon Air Soap Co Lip Balm

Peppermint Lips- Simple, creamy and sustainably packaged "Peppermint Lips" will keep you feeling smooth for hours. Pure peppermint essential oil will give your lips a lovely tingle. Perfect to combat old man winter!

Tangerine Lips- Bright and simple. The light fragrance of tangerine to lift you up and keep those lips feeling smooth. Sustainably packaged and big enough to last, this is a beautiful addition to a simple skincare routine.

 Where It's Made

Richmond's Hub for Pamper Yourself Treats!

All of Bon Air Soaps treats and bath time goodies are packaged responsibly with very little plastic or excess packaging. If they do use plastic, it's compostable or biodegradable, so they are doing their best to make our indulgences feel good all around. Cheers to enjoying a good bath, and making downtime a priority for all!

Richmond, VA