Lavender Laundry Soap


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Lavender Laundry Soap

The Freckled Farm Soap Company makes goat milk laundry detergent using their our own castile goat milk soap, borax, washing soda, and essential oils. It is all natural and works great at getting your clothes clean! You only need a tablespoon for this detergent to work it’s magic. It leaves your clothes smelling fresh and feeling soft and it can be used in High Efficiency washers as well as top loading machines! 


Where It's Made

The Freckled Farm Soap Company handcrafts beautiful soaps, using the milk of their own dairy goats as the foundation for your natural skin care routine. Their proprietary recipe has been carefully crafted and perfected through trial and error. They use organic oils and all-natural, certified-sustainable ingredients and always seek to source the most earth-friendly resources. A big part of their bars is what’s not in them: phthalates, sulfates, or water-contaminating chemicals. The result is a biodegradable, gentle soap blend you will not find anywhere else.

Goochland, VA.