Gettin Lucky

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This gift is ready to set the mood.


Morning Wood Candle - Burn Down for What? - BDFW makes unapologetically real scents using all-natural soy wax. Where to burn: Camped out on the couch or under the covers

Vegan Lucky Rabbit's Foot - Lucky Signs - Lucky Signs creates chalkboard signage & visual meanderings, but these Vegan lucky rabbit's feet were a special project. Hopefully they will bring you the luck you are looking for. 

Sensual Awakenings Massage Oil - Laura's Botanicals -  A maker of apothecary goods, Laura's Botanicals creates tinctures massage oils and more. Their sensual awakenings massage oil will set the mood. 

I would totally Bone you Card - The Witty Soul -  The Witty Soul was created with the hope to get back to the basics, inspired by years of love notes sent and received from loving grandmothers.  However, unlike many of those love notes, they specialize in cards that are inappropriate but really pretty.