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Garlic Bulb Roaster - Reston Lloyd


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Reston Lloyd Collection Garlic Bulb Roaster

This unique garlic bulb shaped roaster is made from all-natural terra cotta with beautiful garlic on its lid for a cute touch. The bottom section has a clear-glazed interior that ensures cleaning is a cinch and is made of a glass material, not a non stick coating. Simply trim the tip of a bulb or two of fresh garlic, drizzle with your favorite olive oil, seasons and bake in the oven or microwave. Measures: 4.5"D x 3.5"H


Where It's Made

Reston Lloyd was founded in 1972 by Ms. Rita Bolle and has remained a competitive women owned company for 50 years thanks to her vision and perseverance. They continue to bring high quality kitchenware and European products to the Virginia market.

Sterling, VA