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Caramels - La Vache Microcreamery

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La Vache Microcreamery Caramels

Small batch artisan caramels made from locally sourced products and crafted to sweet perfection using traditional French techniques. 

Flavor Descriptions

Double Espresso. These caramels are a decadent blend of roasty espresso and creamy dessert - the perfect way to end a delicious meal or simply stifle a mid-afternoon coffee craving! 

Fleur de Sel. Handmade from grassfed cream with a dusting of the best hand-harvested French sea salt on top - these caramels explode with beautiful flavor at first bite. 

Lavender and Honey. An homage to the garden, these caramels crafted from an infusion of fragrant local Virginia lavender and honey will create a sense of calm and relaxation with each taste. *gluten free*


Where It's Made

La Vache (French for "Holy Cow") Microcreamery was launched in 2013. Stephanie was a recently licensed architect in 2008 when her industry was turned upside down and she found herself leaning into her foodie side and perfecting the caramel recipe that is now her livelihood. 

Charlottesville, VA