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Chakra_Late Chocolate

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Chakra_Late Chocolate is created by Clean Conscience Chocolatee, an artisan chocolate company out of Gordonsville, Virginia. Their mission is to convince people that Chocolate is FOOD - not candy, and their signature line of uniquely delicious, all-natural gourmet treats are made by hand in small batches using the finest ingredients.

To honor your Chakras, these enlightening treats are all organic, raw, single-origin, and biodynamic certified Dark Chocolate with herbs and edible essential oils that align with each of the 7 main energy centers.

  • Crown Chakra = Lavender & Sea Salt
  • Brow Chakra = Rosemary & Matcha
  • Throat Chakra = Peppermint
  • Heart Chakra = Lime - Basil
  • Solar Plex Chakra = Cinnamon & Turmeric
  • Sacral Chakra = Orange & Corriander
  • Root Chakra = Cayenne & Clove