Boss Babes Gift Box

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The ladies are doing it for themselves! Each product in this box comes from a female owned company, to celebrate your favorite female identifying babe. 


Maven Tinted Lip Balm - Mac's Smack - Mac's Smack starte with a vision to independently produce a unique line of socially-conscious products that would bring happiness and ease to all who used them. This one goes out to all the Maven's out there doing their thing, full of knowledge, being themselves, rockin this life.

Get After It Mug - Grateful Heart Shop - Grateful Heart Shop creates inspiring hand lettering art and decor. This pretty mug (along with a little coffee or tea of course) will motivate you to tackle the day!

Anemone Letter Writing Set - Beve! - Beve provides pretty details for your events and every day life. You'll find plenty of fun color combinations and fabric-inspired patterns and much more at beve. They also strive to bring an environmental benefit to their products, whether they're biodegradable, reusable, or made in the USA. This letter writing set adorned with light pink anemones was created in Charlottesville, VA. 

Everyday I'm Hustlin Candle - Burn Down for What? - Burn Down for What makes unapologetically real scents using all-natural soy wax. When to burn: After a long day running at 110%, 150% of the time

Get It Girl Gift Tag - Riot + Revel - Riot + Revel are words synonymous with "have fun + make merry". These statements embody any celebration – but there is always so much more to say. This gift tag encourages you to be the boss you know you are. Go on. Get it Girl.