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Biltong Beef Snack - AYOBA


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Rosemary Truffle Biltong Grass-fed Jerky - ROSEMARY TRUFFLE BILTONG is a sofi­™ award winner for Best Meat Snack and was one of our first limited release flavors until it became requested so often that we just had to turn it into a permanent SKU 😊 The fresh rosemary and earthy truffle perfectly complements the natural umami flavor of the grass-fed beef! Biltong is a South African recipe beef snack that is crafted with premium cuts of Grass-Fed Beef, marinated, seasoned with only a few natural spices and hung to dry for up to fourteen days! (That's 50x longer than jerky). The result is a tender, easy to chew slice of beef with a naturally beefy flavor. No Sugar, No Gluten, No Soy, No Nitrates, Nothing Artificial. More Protein than jerky.


Where It's Made

The Van Blommestein family moved to the US from South Africa over twenty years ago. They brought their love of Biltong, Droewors, and Boerwores with them and having been slinging tasty South African beef snacks in Northern, VA to spread that love, 

Springfield, VA