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Our Story


Finding the perfect gift takes time. Often people will overspend to get something nice at the last minute or they would waste money on hastily thrown together gifts that no one was really going to use. We wanted to provide people with a local resource for unique and meaningful gifts that would help them save time and money. We want the true meaning of gift giving to be made easy!


We love Virginia, and we love things made in Virginia. Even more, we love building relationships with local artisans and using locally made products whenever possible. We can’t find everything local, but we certainly try! If you know someone who makes something locally please connect us, we would love to continue growing our inventory of amazing craftsmen and women. Sometimes the story behind a product is what makes it truly special so each of our gifts comes with a brief description of the products and the people who make them! 


                           Lindsay Force- Owner and Lead Curator 

Lindsay was given the opportunity to take over gifted RVA from Noelle Parent in January of 2021. After working with Noelle at her bridal store, Blue Sage Bridal, Noelle was ready to focus on her new venture and felt Lindsay was the perfect person to carry on the brand. In addition to gifted RVA, Lindsay also owns Repurpose Flower Co., a company that helps people repurpose their event flowers and then donates them to local non-profits she has created relationships with. Lindsay has been a full time wedding planner with The Hive Wedding Co. since September of 2019 and enjoys all things creative and continuously pursues ways to give back to her community and help others. 

Lindsay lives in Midlothian, VA with her amazing pup Tux.