Firethorne Coffee Blend


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Firethorne Coffee Blend

Roast Type: Medium Tasting Notes: Carmel, malty, and toasted sugar Description: Legacy’s flagship blend, Firethorne, is named after the street where it all began. Using high-quality Arabica beans, you will quickly see why this is one of their top sellers. Tested by fires flame, Firethorne’s taste comes from the perfect medley of time and temperature. 

2 oz bag of Ground Coffee


Where It's Made

Legacy Roasting Company's story humbly began on February 2014 in Larry Hancock’s parent’s garage. Using a grill purchased from Craigslist, rigged with a Chevy windshield wiper motor and a rotisserie drum, might I add, they roasted small batches of coffee beans and sold them at farmers markets as well as to friends and family. In 2018, they moved out of their parent's garage and into a beautiful 1920’s brick building in Downtown Hopewell. They continue to emphasize coffee blends for every palate and a positive focus on community engagement.

Hopewell, VA.