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Get It Girl Box
Get It Girl Box
Get It Girl Box
Get It Girl Box

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Get It Girl Box

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This box is to help you celebrate that person who is just killin the game! If you want to empower and support your friends, this box is the perfect blend of self care and acknowledgement that anyone would love to receive!

Included in the box:

Black 10x10x6 gift box with tissue and Get It Girl tag created by Riot + Revel

Empower Bar- Gratisfied

This grain-free bar is named for a purpose. Nuts, seeds and other superfoods are blended with pure, plant-based pea protein, natural, low-glycemic sweeteners, and organic egg and avocado oil for a perfectly balanced - and actually healthy - meal or snack. Created with nutrition and blood sugar balance in mind in order to have you thinking less about hunger, and more about what matters.

Whipped Body Cream- Bright Body 

Luxurious and long-lasting moisture for baby-soft skin all over the body. Moisturizes, smooths, and soothes irritation. Especially great for dry and cracked hands, feet, elbows, and knees. shea butter*, castor oil*, coconut oil*, sesame seed oil*, jojoba oil*, tocopherols, lavender essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, geranium essential oil, tea tree essential oil*certified organic

Makeup Remover- Bright Body

Oil cleanser that breaks down all makeup (yes, even long-wearing and waterproof products) without drying or irritating skin. The perfect oil base for our powder-based facial exfoliant. Also an excellent choice to lubricate the skin for lymphatic drainage routine (dry brushing, manual lymphatic massage, Gua Sha, or gemstone rolling).

Reusable Makeup Remover Pads- Raising Green Kids

Snag a set of six Reusable make up remover pads. They are made with a flannel print and three layers of cloth diaper fabric. This fabric is also used in making cloth diapers so it's extra absorbent and durable. They measure 4 inches in diameter. You can wash them in the regular wash, please expect some fraying.
**You will receive a mix of prints that are currently available. They might be different from what is shown in the photos.


Rosewater Wonder Mist- Maven Made

This gentle 100% plant-based mist works wonders to refresh dull skin, hydrate skin cells, soothe irritation, set makeup, and cool sunburns. A unique and aromatic combination of floral hydrosols: Rose*(full moon charged), Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Neroli
*certified organic | all ingredients are 100% plant-based 
Handmade by Maven Made in Richmond, VA. 

 **If certain items are unavailable, substitutions may be made in a similar price range**

Get It Girl Box
Get It Girl Box