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The Baby Box

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The Baby Box

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This gender neutral gift is ready to welcome a new life and a new adventure into the world. Stocked with some essentials for play time, teething and more. 


Onesie - Little Nomad - Little Nomad started as a line of fresh, modern, gender neutral children's graphic tees inspired by a sense of humor, curiosity, and hip hop culture and grew into a shop that is dedicated to sourcing engaging and meaningful goods for your little ones. 

Reusable Snack BagBeego Handmade - These awesome and eco-friendly reusable snack and sandwich bags feature a gorgeous lightweight cotton exterior and a lining of food safe/medical grade ProCare waterproof fabric. This fabric is CPSIA Certified Food Safe Durable Waterproof Eco-Friendly Fabric. It does NOT contain lead, phthalates, BPA or brominates and is tested for contact with foods.

Owie Bag - Raising Green Kids- Raising Green Kids is a mom-owned small business committed to making stylish eco-friendly and natural items for your home. This owie bag is a versatile pain relief pack that can be used hot or cold therapy and is great for children and adults alike. Eco-friendly, non-toxic, and reusable.

Baby Handsocks - Handsocks - When Virginia Mom Casey Burke Bunn forgot to pack mittens and layers for her daughter, she used a pair of ski socks to keep her hands and arms warm….and the idea for Handsocks was born! Handsocks provide protection from infant scratching as well as warmth and comfort. Their long sleeve design keeps babies from flinging their mittens off, but they can also be folded back for access to those tiny fingers! 

Washcloth Teether - Allam House Creative - Handmade by Allam House Creative, this baby teether can be frozen for aching gum and even better, it's easy to clean!

Muslin Bib - Allam House Creative - Catch baby's drool in the cutest of ways. Three layers of pre-washed cotton muslin along with adjustable snap settings. This offers softness, reversibility and grows with your child!