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The Coffee Box


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This is the perfect gift if you are stuck at home with someone special and you need a stay-in date idea. You can also send this to someone who is in need of a caffeine pickup! 

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Firethorne Coffee Blend - Legacy CoffeeRoast Type: Medium Tasting Notes: Carmel, malty, and toasted sugar. Using high-quality Arabica beans, you will quickly see why this is one of their top sellers. Tested by fires flame, Firethorne’s taste comes from the perfect medley of time and temperature. 2 oz bag of Ground Coffee.

Roasted in Hopewell, VA

Coffee Shortbread- Cafe Warshafsky - Coffee in buttery biscuit form! Grab a hot cup of coffee + a coffee dunker and nosh into caffeinated bliss. Two 2" x 2" cookies per package heat sealed in a plastic bag with label. Shelf life 1 month at room temperature. *Shelf life 1 month at room temperature. **Shortbread can be frozen for extended shelf life up to 3 months - thaw and sell within 1 month. Ingredients: wheat flour, butter, sugar, confectioners sugar, eggs, coffee, pure vanilla extract, salt. Contains wheat, egg and milk.

Made in Richmond, VA

Coffee Goat Milk Soap - The Freckled Farm - This soap is made with a coffee infused oil that is prepared using fresh brewed espresso. This soap also includes finely ground coffee beans throughout, making it a strong exfoliant. Coffee is also an excellent scent neutralizer!

Made in Goochland, VA

Double Espresso Caramels - La Vache Creamery - A decadent blend of roasty espresso and creamy dessert - the perfect way to end a delicious meal or simply stifle a mid-afternoon coffee craving! 

Made in Charlottesville, VA

Espresso Chocolate Bar - Gearharts Fine -  Dark chocolate with finely ground local espresso-roasted beans.

Made in Richmond, VA

River City Mug- Guy Piper- If Richmond (aka The River City) holds a special place in your heart, this is the mug for you! 

Made in Richmond, VA


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