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Winter Survival Goodies: 8 Locally Made Bath & Body Care Treats

Winter Survival Goodies: 8 Locally Made Bath & Body Care Treats

Tree decorating, baking cookies, and ice skating; these are all pleasant experiences that come out of the winter season. Unfortunately, we know a few others that can sometimes make an unwelcome appearance: dry, itchy skin, and damaged pores.

Luckily, we’ve got your back with an arsenal of artisan bath and body care treats made for combating the colder weather. By stocking up on these products, we guarantee your mind and body will stay sharp and healthy from now until spring.

Dry or Itchy Skin Relief

We never know what kind of weather we'll have in Virginia, so dry or ashy skin is a very real concern during the winter months. 

To avoid flaky skin, we suggest taking a soak with our gentle and intoxicating Relax French Lavender detox salt bomb. Not only is it relaxing, it helps cleanse and detoxify the body. Lavender helps to relieve stress and relax the mind. 

Another bath-time treat is our Mermaid Bath Bomb handmade by Sugar & Spruce. This sweet treat will give your a beaming, heavenly fragrance of delicate florals paired with the crisp ocean air, the perfect blend of salty and sweet.

  • Sulfate free
  • Non-staining cosmetic safe colorants
  • Phthalates free fragrance
  • No chemical preservatives
  • Not tested on animals (only team members)
  • Small batch, artisan made in store
  • Moisturizing avocado oil

Enhance your soak experience by adding Lavender Coconut Bath Salts to help ease muscle tension and stress while drawing toxins from the body. Soaking in a coconut milk sea salt bath has been a healing ritual throughout history. Not only is it relaxing, it helps cleanse, soothe, and detoxify the body. Lavender relieves stress and relaxes the mind!

Top off your stay-at-home spa day by rubbing your skin down with Whipped Sugar Scrub for soft and yummy skin. Inspired by sweet treats with a touch of whimsy, and a dash of cheeky.Take a trip into your bath tub and lull into the night.

Winter Facial Care Essentials

Now that your skin is smooth and refreshed, it's time to pay closer attention to your wintertime facial care needs. 

At the top of our list of must-know products is our Deep Space Soap. In addition to the goat milk and natural oils, that are featured in all Freckled Farm soaps, this beautiful bar includes activated charcoal, lavender, and tea tree making it the perfect face soap! The lather is smooth and silky and it smells absolutely amazing. 

Finally, finish up your facial care regimen with Bright Body Makeup Remover. This oil-based makeup remover helps break down even long-wearing and waterproof makeup gently without harsh chemicals. 

Once your face is taken care off, it's time to move down to the inevitable sore spot brought on by cold weather: chapped lips. To relieve this common condition, we recommend two lip-soothing options.

For starters, the wonders of coconut never cease to amaze us, especially in  Vanilla Coconut Milk Lip Balm. With the power of Vitamin E, keep your smile smooth and supple with this luxuriously moisturizing lip balm made with only the best butters and oils, this handmade formula is sure to protect your pout and keep it kissable.

The Flavor Story:
Vanilla Coconut Milk - Sweet, creamy and coconutty
No factories were used in this product:
  • Taste amazing!
  • Protects & moisturizes lips
  • Lanolin for long wear
  • Preservative free
  • Vitamin E softens lips
  • Kissable, juicy lips

On the other hand, Tasty Tart Lip Sugar Scrub provides the ultimate pucker-upper. Promises pinched cheeks and winced eyes. As always, first it's sour then it's sweet!

No factories were used in this product:
  • Exfoliates dead skin
  • Taste amazing!
  • Protects & moisturizes lips
  • Lipstick last longer on exfoliated lips
  • Preservative free
  • 1 oz. in glass jar


For more bath and body care treats made by RVA artisans, explore our online store to make sure your mind and body is at its healthiest over these winter months. Happy shopping!

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