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Preparing Your Pantry: Coffee Essentials

We’re starting our days off with sweater weather which means that Fall has made its way to Richmond! 

A new season means bringing new flavors and delights into your home and we’ve got the Virginia-made products to help you do just that.

Whether you're gifting someone who needs a pick me up or just want your monthly  coffee fix, here’s your ultimate list of coffee essentials to make sure your pantry is stocked and ready for Autumn. 

Caffeine for Early Mornings

Cooler temperatures = actually wanting to grab a hot drink in the morning.

Forget the Star that’s on every corner! For all of the Medium Roast lovers out there, we have a Virginia-made coffee that’s ready to be brewed right from home.

Legacy Roasting Company's Firethorne Coffee Blend is the perfect blend of Carmel, malty, and toasted sugar while using high-quality Arabica beans. Plus, you can save your bucks and have enough Firethorne’s to last you through the whole season instead of grabbing one Venti.

Already have your favorite brew? Dress up your drink with Storied Goods Coffee Sugar Cubes. These melting little moments of genuine joy are made of pure cane sugar, pure vanilla extract, cinnamon, cloves. A little bit of sweetness makes a big difference in your coffee! 

 Coffee is only as good as it's cup! 

Spice up your coffee corner with a new mug! 

This Richmond Skyline mug features hand-drawn lettering and an outline of Richmond skyline. Dishwasher and microwave safe! Crafted by Grateful Heart Shop of Richmond, VA



If Richmond (aka The River City) holds a special place in your heart, this is the mug for you! Made by local Richmond, VA maker, Guy Piper. 14 oz ceramic mug with permanent vinyl "The River City" lettering. 


A stunning and sturdy cobalt blue ceramic campfire mug for those living in or missing the 804! Design features hand-drawn lettering and outline of the state of Virginia. These designs are permanent (not vinyl) so they are safe to use in the dishwasher and microwave! Crafted by Grateful Heart Shop of Richmond, VA



Delicious Treats with a Coffee Flair

 If a "Cup of Joe" isn’t your style, you can have a different flavor of fall with La Vache's Creamery Double Espresso Caramels. These caramels are a decadent blend of roasty espresso and creamy dessert - the perfect way to end a delicious meal or simply stifle a mid-afternoon coffee craving! 

The new season brings late nights around the campfire with good friends.

Chocolate Craving's Coffee Chocolate Bar is the perfect complement to these wonderful times filled with fun and food. This chocolate bar is handmade with premium Colombian chocolate, seasonal and local ingredients and a focus on unique flavors and combinations to satisfy The Serious Chocoholic. 

Love the smell, but hate the taste?

You can still be a coffee lover even if it's not part of your morning routine....


The Freckled Farm's Coffee Goat Milk Soap is made with a coffee infused oil with fresh brewed espresso. This soap also includes finely ground coffee beans throughout, making it a strong exfoliant. Coffee is also an excellent scent neutralizer! This soap will help you get strong scents like onions and garlic off of your skin. Whether you need it to remove stains, or smells, or maybe you are just looking for that extra exfoliating factor, this is a soap for you!






Now, you’re ready to welcome Fall with open arms and cannonball into the biggest pile of crisp leaves ever.




Shop all of our coffee essentials here and HAPPY FALL, Y’ALL!



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