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New Year, New Beginnings

As 2020 is in full swing, Gifted RVA realizes that companies and businesses are preparing to hire new employees during this new year.

A new job can be exciting but also a little scary for a new employee that may be moving to a new state or is just getting their first "adult" job right out of college. To help these new hires adapt to your company's new environment, Gifted RVA gift boxes can make any new employee quickly feel like a member of your corporate family.

To make a new employee moving from another city to Richmond, welcome them with a bit of Virginia love and our Richmond Gift Box. By letting them discover one of the cities we love, they are guaranteed to want to explore more of our great state and call Richmond home. 





If your company is allowing a new college graduate to put their newly earned degree to work, consider building a box filled with Virginia made products that any new employee would love to add to their new home or apartment. By adding a Made in RVA cutting board, tea towel, some snacks, and easy meal seasoning kits, you can make your new hire's new corporate life a little bit easier to adapt to.

Dorm Room Munchies Box: FOR THE NEW INTERN 

A new Spring semester calls for a new influx of interns ready to learn everything there is to know about your company. To make these possible future employees feel even more welcome, consider building them a Dorm Room Munchies Gift Box. Fill this box is with snacks and treats that will make them work even harder to achieve better grades and reach greater goals for your company. 


Employees that feel welcomed and appreciated are more likely to help your company surpass goals and reach greater heights.

By giving these new hires and/or interns one of our wonderful gift boxes, you're sure to make the right impression that your company as well as the city of Richmond has everything a person could ever want.

To let new hires or current employees know how much you appreciate their hard work, consider building a personalized box filled with RVA Mints from ZaZoLi Sweet, Virginia Peanuts from Feridies, and Salt & Pepper Dark Chocolate Almonds Handmade by Chocolates by Kelly products that are sure to make anyone smile a little brighter.

Build Your Own Box to make your token of appreciation for your employees personalized and adaptable to any budget.


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