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Meet the Maker - Beego Handmade - Adriaan Gomez


Here at Gifted we are so lucky to work with and meet so many talented local makers and businesses. One of these is Adriaan Gomez and her company Beego Handmade. We first learned about Beego at one of Richmond's many local craft markets and knew her products would be a perfect fit in our curated gift boxes. 

Richmond Maker, Sewing, RVA Made, Artist

Adriaan is one of the sunniest, brightest people you could meet. When our Lead Curator, Noelle, first met with her they picked through her colorful fabrics while sipping tea and enjoying the company of her two kitties. Adriaan started Beego Handmade (which, by the way, is a play on the combination of her maiden and married names) as an outlet for her passion to create functional home goods that would also brighten your world. 

As she puts it " as my passion for sustainable, low impact living grew, so did my desire to create products that could help others foster the same passion". Adriaan's focus is on creating products that not only have function and beauty, but also help reduce waste. 

zipper pouch, handmade bag, richmond gift, RVA, Locally made

You will find her oh so beautiful Zipper Pouch with Key Ring in The Chic Gift Box.  This is so handy since you can easily just attach your keys to the ring and go. The pouch is machine washable, so don't be afraid to live life to its fullest. The pouch is perfect for toting all of your essentials when you are on the go. You can use it to organize all of your odds & ends, make-up, or even a few little toys for the littles if you're a mom on the go. Throw it in your bag and you'll be sure to find it. 

Beego Handmade's Pacifier Pouch is featured in our Baby Box. This pouch is an essential! Store all the extra pacies in there and as your kiddo grows use it as a snack bag. She has made sure to line this pouch with a machine washable, food safe/medical grade waterproof lining so that you can store your pacifiers cleanly and easily. And it comes with a handy snap strap so that you can hook it to your stroller, diaper bag, etc. Brilliant!

The thing we love so much about Begoo Handmade (beyond the joyousness of Adriaan herself) is the passion she has put into her mission to reduce waste and that she does it with such beautiful design. Now that's a curated gift box you can feel good about!


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