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Gifts to Send in these Quarantimes

In response recent events, we’ve taken some time and crafted a few pre-designed boxes to keep you healthy, happy, and fed!

For many of us, these are unprecedented and difficult times, to say the least. We are social creatures and are used to being able to have control over our lives, see the people we love, and celebrate things big and small. Instead, we find ourselves with little control over our work, our social lives, and our health. It can be difficult to navigate how to bring some joy and normalcy back into our lives. We are lucky enough at Gifted RVA to be able to spread hope and bring people together through meaningful and intentional gift giving. To us, gift giving is more than boxes and bows, it is a way for people to invest in relationships and express feelings of love, gratitude, and admiration. During this time when we may feel trapped in our homes and isolated from others. Giving and receiving meaningful gifts is a beautiful way to send a reminder that someone out there cares. Here at Gifted, we certainly care; we care about our city, our makers, and the people who give and receive our gifts.


Work From Home Box

The thought of working at home can be daunting and we know there are too many distracting temptations to list. We appreciate all you hard working professionals who are having to adjust to a new normal with your make-shift home-offices and work from home regimens. We’ve packed our Work From Home Box with some essentials that will help you get your work done and stay sane in the process. The best way to start the day is with a refreshing shower followed by a cup of joe so we’ve included handmade Deep Space Soap from Freckled Farm and some of our favorite medium roast Firehorne Coffee Blend from Legacy Coffee. You haven’t experienced anything like the soothing combination of activated charcoal, lavender, and tea tree this soap offers or the notes of caramel, malt, and toasted sugar that will burst through your taste buds. You’ve got to stay on task and keep your mind and writing utensils sharp so we threw in some sassy office supplies from Wit and White. This To Do List and Pencil Set are must haves to stay organized. And finally, we’ve included a Soy Candle from Burn Down For What so you can stay focused and alert and get the job done.


Cabin Fever Snack Pack



When the going gets tough (or there’s a mandatory quarantine), we suggest stocking up on some high quality, craft snacks. We have hand selected some of the most delectable and addicting foods from our makers and put together the ultimate Cabin Fever Snack Pack. We know chocolate is a must-have when social distancing so we’ve included two incredibly exquisite products from Chocolates by Kelly. The Salt and Pepper Dark Chocolate Almonds will satisfy the most extreme sweet and salty cravings. The Toasted Almond Dark Chocolate Bar is just as luscious as it sounds, has a whole almond in every bite, and is gluten-free! For those who need a crunch, we’ve added some of Feridies’ lightly salted Virginia Peanuts and the perfectly buttery Cheese Straws from Three Sisters. Speaking of butter, the gluten free, 0g trans fat, and non-GMO Snickerdoodle Popcorn from Lammar Marie’s Gourmet Popcorn will have  you singing sweet, cinnamony praises. And finally, we wouldn’t create a snack pack without including a drink mixer. Desperate times call for drinks. Bloody Brilliant Bloody Mary Mix from Back Pocket Provisions is the missing key to your at-home brunch!



Quarantine Home Kit  


We are all about holistic health. Therefore, while you’re quarantined, we want you to stay happy, alert, and fresh with our Quarantine Home Kit. Robin’s Egg Essentials created a Home Energy Clearing Spray exclusively for Gifted. A few sprits of this product will have you feeling refreshed and reinvigorated. We dare you to resist this combo of sea salt, sage, grapefruit, and lemon! Continuing with the theme of renewing and detoxing we included a Sachet of Tea Bags from Miss Priss Tea Co. and a Relax Bath Bomb from Cricket Cove Soap Company. Sip this black tea with the intoxicating flavor combinations of bergamot, black currant, lavender, chamomile, and vanilla while melting your worries away in your sea salt and lavender infused bath. While you’re enjoying your bath, or as you read the books you now have time for, light the Soy Candle from Burn Down for What and enjoy the rejuvenating energy it will bring to any room. Little owies happen to people big and small so we’ve included the Owie Bag from Raising Green Kids to provide hot or cold pain relief from all kinds of small ailments. We love that this product is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and reusable and we know you will, as well! And finally, we’ve built a mini terrarium of moss, rocks, and an airplant in a glass vase. Aiplants are gorgeous, brighten up any windowsill, and require little care. This mini-biome is not only cute but will give you something to take care of and keep alive in case the stir-craziness is really getting to you!



For more gift ideas to send to loved ones during these unpredictable times, visit our online store. If you love some of these products but didn’t quite see what you were looking for, we’d love for you to visit our Build Your Own Gifts page and make a unique gift for that someone special!


Written by: Sydney Intolubbe Thomas 


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