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Gifted Guide To A College Care Package


Gifted Guide To A College Care Package

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Your college student is heading back to university so it’s time to prepare a Gifted care package to send their way. Send your son or daughter everything they need to survive college life by following the Build Your Own Gifts steps. With everything from coffee to snacks, they’ll be ready to take on late night study sessions or have a little pick-me-up after a long day of schoolwork or during rush week.

Popcorn, Caramel Popcorn

1. Snacks and Treats: To keep your college student focused and motivated! From popcorn to cookies, there’s plenty of handmade and locally grown treats to give your out-of-state college student a taste of home. They can crunch and munch their way through a study session with friends AND have a few sweet desserts to treat themselves after getting that A-plus. You can shop our Food & Beverages collection for all of the delicious snacks and desserts you can fit into a gift box.



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2. Locally made Coffee: Because caffeine is essential for late night study sessions. Whether they prefer their coffee iced or hot, your college student will find this delicious bean juice to be an essential drink to function and stay up late studying.  With small-batch coffee blends that are delicious and smooth, they’ll feel energized with each sip from their favorite mug representing their hometown. Send your student RVA-made coffee essentials including Richmond Skyline Mug, RVA Coffee Blend804 Mug, and  Firethorne Coffee Blend for their dorm room.


3. Bath and Body Care: To keep your college student feeling their best when heading to class. Want to make sure your college student makes hygiene a top priority while they’re away? Send artisan-made lotions, soaps, scrubs, and shower bombs to your college student to make sure they stay moisturized and clean while heading to class.






 4. A Reminder of Home: Send a little bit of RVA to cure home sickness. Moving away from home is important but also incredibly tough. Send a little reminder of gifts made in the city they love and the state they call home with these RVA home goods that will spruce up any dorm. 



5. An Inspiring Note: Include a handwritten note to make your college student feel special. A handwritten note with a message from Mom or Dad is the perfect pick-me-up when times get tough or home sickness hits hard. Every Gifted box is not only packed with love but can also be personalized with your message to encourage your college kid to keep on working hard.



When it comes to building your College Care Package, simply pick out your products and let us at Gifted take care of the rest. We pack each box with love, care, and even include a handwritten gift note with your special message to your son or daughter. 

Heading back to school after a long summer is tough but with a gift box filled with RVA locally-made essentials, they’ll be ready to get one step closer to their degree and tackle this semester. Order your Gifted care package to send to your college freshman or seasoned student here.

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