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A glimpse into gifted RVA

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The one piece of advice everyone gave me when I decided to open my own business was, "you need to start a blog!" A year and half into this business adventure, I've finally started one! I've always enjoyed writing, however product development, web design, fulfillment and administrative duties have been the main focus in opening this business. I think its time to tell our story though. We will be sharing some of our business stories, tips on creating the perfect gift and highlighting some of the amazing makers that we work with every day. 

How it all started.....
Before I began my adventure into entrepreneurship, I spent 13 years in the Hospitality Industry. Hospitality is the perfect career to train you to become an entrepreneur. Hotels are open 24/7 every day of the year, you work long hours and customer service is the top priority. I was fortunate to work at a variety of venues and one of my goals in my career was to be part of an opening team on a new hotel and that opportunity found me with Quirk Hotel. Opening a small boutique hotel meant that I was involved in nearly every aspect of the opening process. Even if I wasn't directly involved, our entire team was working side by side starting early in the morning and often late into the evening. When I started working for Quirk, I hadn't planned on opening a business of my own, but little did I know, I was training myself to be a business owner!

As a sales manager, my clients would often ask me about welcome gifts, speaker gifts and thank you gifts for the guests that were staying at the hotel. They were tired of the traditional gift basket options though. They wanted something modern and representative of Richmond. I wanted to provide people with easy access to locally made products for gift giving and that was how gifted was born! 


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Why "gifted"? 
The name “gifted” appealed to me because of its dual meaning. The word gifted describes someone who has exceptional talent or natural ability and I have always thought that finding the perfect gift is a particular talent of mine. The second meaning of course is when someone has gifted something to someone else. The name just made sense!


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 Our Mission: 
We want to connect people with the makers of Richmond and we want to make it easy! Makers aren't just at the farmers market anymore, they are on in stores, online and at pop-up shops everywhere. Small businesses are making a comeback! We want to help tell their stories and make it easy to share a little bit of Richmond with anyone, anywhere without having leave your home or office. Most importantly, we want to build relationships. Most of our gifts are associated with big moments in life. Whether it's a new baby, weddings or just showing someone you love them. We want to make that moment meaningful by creating a gift that is unique to each occasion. 


Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me and the reason behind what we do, but most of all thank you for supporting small business in Richmond! 

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